Fusion Technicians

Proper installation of HDPE joints is critical to the long-term performance of the pipeline. Our locally based factory certified fusion technicians can travel to your jobsite and save you time and money by speeding up production and eliminating down time. Our knowledgeable staff can make your next HDPE project successful by getting your pipeline fused quickly, leak-free, and under budget. Our local staff has experience in Butt Fusion, Electrofusion, Saddle Fusion, and Socket Fusion from 1/2" to 36". Larger sizes are available on request.

Live Main Tapping Service

Hot Tapping is the method of cutting a hole in an existing pressurized piping system to make a new connection without service interruption or leakage. Typical applications are making a branch connection, initiating a bypass, and installing probe or sensors. Our local staff has experience in Live Main Taps from 3/4"-24" on cast iron, ductile iron, and pvc mains. Larger sizes are available on request.

Valve Insertions/Line Stopping

A live valve insertion is a specialty gate valve directly installed into an existing water or waste water main, while the existing pipeline is under working pressure, without interruption of flow or service. Lincoln Winwater uses the EZ Valve System from Advanced Valve Technologies to install a UL & NSF-61 certified valve made with AWWA C509/C515 material into one excavation. This system maintains the pipeline integrity by avoiding a sectional or circumferential pipe intrusion and leaves a valve that has a normal number of turns to actuate. For line stop applications the valve bonnet can be replaced with a blind flange. Our local staff has experience in valve insertions/line stopping in sizes 4"-12". Larger sizes up to 24" are available on request.