Line Card


PVC Pressure Pipe, Gravity Sewer, Restrained Joint PVC, Ductile Iron, Copper Service Tubing, Polyethylene Service Tubing, Corrugated Metal Pipe, Dual Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipe, Solid Wall HDPE Fusion Pipe


MJ / Push-on Gates, Post Indicator, Butterfly, Check, Plug, Control Valves, Air/Sewer Release, Tapping Valves and Sleeves


Fire Hydrants, Flushing Hydrants, Parts, Extensions


Mechanical Joint/Flanged/Push-on Ductile Iron, Gasket Joint/Solvent Weld Sewer,
Flare/Compression Brass Service Fittings, Threaded Brass, Joint Restraints, HDPE Sewer, HDPE Butt, Socket, and Electrofusion, Water Service Saddles, Sewer Service Saddles, Wrap-around Repair Clamps, Compression Clamps, Pipe Repair Sleeves

Water Meters and Boxes

Positive Displacement, Turbine, Compound, Fire Hydrant, Mag-meters, Automatic Reading Systems, Touchpad Systems, Meter Boxes, Setters


Pipe Wrenches, Probe Rods, Drilling and Tapping Machines, Shutoff Wrenches,
Manhole Hooks, Saw blades, Chain Saws for Ductile & Concrete, Generators, Sump Pumps

Services and Rentals

Live Main and Service Taps, Valve Insertions, Line Stops, Tapping Machine Rental, HDPE Fusion Machine Rentals, On-Site HDPE Fusion Technicians